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Let us bring art and life into your space. Whether it be an office, gathering space, restaurant, cafes, businesses, or events. We can help set the aesthetic mood and atmosphere for you. Below are currently curated artshows and works available for sale. Want to talk more?

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Goku Mcafee Tioga Mezzanine, Downtown Merced

My name is Goku Mcafee  I was born in Merced California on October 10th 1988 at Mercy hospital . I am a Chicano artist .

I am self taught and I have been Painting since 2019. Art saved my life. Prior to dedicating myself to painting, I was in a depression and I felt like I was losing my mind. I returned to Merced after being gone for 15 years. I reconnected with family and loved ones and have since healed traumas and wounds.

Much of my artistic practice centers around  Mental health. When I paint I am having a therapy session. tapping into my inner child . Tapping Into the collective consciousness of the Creative Universe Intuitively . I Call it SuperFunk . I am a Super Funk Expressionist.

In  theses works I  convey an experience of being human in this age of information and constant  connection to media . There’s a chaos in my work I feel people resonate with. Because of this I hope it soothes the viewer and they connect to my work as if it were themselves painted . All the ugly and beautiful things that we are all made of .

Gas is to damn high 

Rent  is to damn high 

Food is to damn high

Our collective  stress  in this country and in this  world is .....too .....damn .....high 

I hope my work brings you a moment of  peace.

 P.s - Painting saved my life -Everyone is an artist -Be nice

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